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The Infotainment solution dedicated to : Guest Experience

Solvacom IPTV solutions

Our Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) solutions offer stunning high definition and an incredible intuitive interface for in-room media hub and TV sets. Guests will love the interactive tools, while hotel owners and operators will love the low-cost ability to communicate with guests and increase revenue.

The Best Features for the Most Satisfaction

Creating value through innovation, our solution puts guests at the center while knowing your business needs. That’s why this product provides:

  • Simple, easy to use remotes
  • Full remote management through a Cloud Platform
  • Ultra-fast in room setup
  • A product that’s inexpensive to maintain
  • Ability to add your event schedule, videos & photos
  • Streaming with guest’s own content
  • A High Definition Intuitive Graphic User’s Interface

A Fully Customizable Interface to Truly Express your Business

Each IPTV solution comes with a customizable digital interface for your hotel to brand and personalize. Customizable elements in the Digital Hub include:

  • Content
  • Logo & Font
  • Services
  • Features
  • Hotel Information
  • RSS Feeds

The back-end is cloud-based, easy to navigate and operate with a drag-and-drop feature, and can be accessed by hotel staff with one password. It’s never been simpler to brand in-room media and connect more intimately with guests.

Get Personalized Interfaces for Groups

When groups book for an event, the TV interfaces can be preloaded with specific content targeted just to the rooms associated with the event. Earn extra revue by charging for this service and setting yourself apart from the competition. Personalized content can include:

  • A welcome video
  • Custom interface
  • Group & private messaging
  • An RSS feed
  • Event schedule
  • Photos & videos

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